Flower In Winterwood

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I had a drop D riff and the first line "Woke up with a thief". Bob had introduced me to the Felice Brothers and we were talking about there songwriting and "the brothers Felice" rhymed with "woke up with a thief" and we were off. The initial version had the drop d riff all through the verses and the chorus but Colin suggested we change to a more punchy motown style bass riff at the chorus and it works like a dream. I just love Ross's guitar sound and what a great solo, sounds like Cream or one of those late 60's bluesy bands. Like it, a lot!

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Woke up with a thief,
Next to me in bed,
Beggars belief,
I trusted every word you said.

Why can't I move,
Handcuffed to the bed,
Punishment will prove,
That justice is blind or dead.


you always knew more than I ever would,
your words tied me in knots,
A flower you said somewhere in Winterwood
was the only forget me not,
The one and only forget me -not.

The brothers Felice,
Stole my fragile sanity,
Phone the police,
Impure criminality.

Castillo Del Moro,
For our anniversary,
thought that was tomorrow,
now goodbye to yesterday.

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