Making Records

The first step is a guitar and voice demo. This allows us to lay down the structure and tempo of the song, the key and the general song feel. 

arthur recording a demo

It is then a case of planning the arrangement: instruments, vocals, harmonies and how it should all merge together.

We then rehearse at Stuart's place a few times until we feel confident with the structure, tempo key etc.

Stuart's Studio

And we then go into the studio where we'd hope to get the bare bone sof the song recorded, namely the the drums, bass, rhythm guitar and lead vocal. If we are lucky, we can re-use the bass but normally the guitar and lead vocal will be re-recorded once the lead guitars any keyboards and harmonies have been added.

Colin will mix the track and one we are happy, produce a mastered version.

Then we share it with you, hopefully you will listen and share with your friends and add to your playlists and favourites