My new demo studio

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I've revamped by home studio setup and I can now make better quality demos. Previously I've been prototyping songs using the Logic Pro drummer but I've been finding it quite limiting and decided to splash out on an Alesis Turbo Mesh head electric drum kit.

My new setup

  • mac book pro
  • logic pro x
  • focusrite Saffire 8 channel digital interface
  • yamaha MSP5 monitors
  • Alesis Turbo Mesh head electric drums
  • AKG C 1000 S condensor vocal mic
  • AKG SE 399 B instrument microphone for guitar recording
  • SE shields for vocal and guitar

How I make a demo

I will initially record a guitar and vocal demo and then give it a good listen and change the melody or lyrics if required. Once I have a clear idea about ho I want the song to sound I will create a new song in logic pro and choose the Singer Songwriter template. I will then follow these steps to create the logic pro song:

  1. set the time signature and tempo
  2. using the logic pro arrangement feature, create create an intro, verse, chorus etc. with the requisite bars.
  3. add a software instrument drummer track
  4. add a kick drum or closed hi hat on every bar and repeat throughout the song
  5. add any temp changes or key signature changes
  6. record the guitar and vocal tracks using the kick drum/closed high hat as a tempo indicator to keep me in sync
  7. add a software instrument track for a bass guitar
  8. key the bass part using my keystation MINI 32 midi keyboard
  9. get my drummer in to play the drums
    • this can be done section by section, i.e. introduction, verse, chorus etc.
    • and cut/pasted/duplicated as required
  10. add guitar tracks, keyboards, backing vocals as required
  11. re-record initial guitar and vocal parts
  12. mix and WE HAVE A DEMO!

What next?

If it works we will go into the studio and record it with the band. If not we may revisit and fix anything that we think is not working.